SSL for the Cloud FAQ

What is it all about? What does? provides the service to enable SSL on cloud hosting platforms.

Which cloud platforms are supported?

The service is targeted to App Engine, Heroku and Azure platforms. But in fact all web-accessible sites are supported.

But all these platforms have or planning to introduce SSL support?

Our way is better. You will get an individual IP just for your domain. That makes your site compatible with virtually any browser and device. Most of the cloud platforms use SNI approach that makes them incompatible with Windows XP browsers and more importantly with Android phones.

Read more in this Wikipedia article.

How does it work?

You get an individual IP address, and all requests to that address will be proxied to your app.

Do you support non-SSL traffic?

Yes. Both http (port 80) and https (port 443) protocols are supported.

Can you redirect my visitors so only naked (www-less) domain will show up?

Initially your domain will be setup this way:

So if your domain is

  1. will redirect (with http 301 redirect) to
  2. will show your app.

Modification of these settings through control panel will be available in the future. At the moment please contact us to change them.

What do I need to setup?

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Request or obtain certificate.
  3. In case of your own certificate upload it through control panel.
  4. Update DNS for your domain.

How can I get certificate?

You can sign up for a plan that includes certificate or buy certificate yourself.

To buy certificate:

  1. Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  2. Buy a certificate itself.
  3. Upload certificate through control panel.

All types of certificates are supported.

Do you accept self-signed certificates?

No. Your certificate must be issued by a valid certificate authority.

What's needed to request a certificate included in a plan?

You need to provide basic information about owner of the domain and prove that you are a domain owner.

You will receive email from certificate issuer with a link that you need to click.

What kind of certificate is included?

Domain validation certificate, that covers root domain and www subdomain. It is not valid for other subdomains. And it is not an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. We certainly support BYO EV certificates.

Can I use my own certificate on plans that include certificate?

Yes. You can request certificate or upload your own.

How do I need to change DNS for my domain?

After sign up and payment get your IP address and make A-type (PTR) records for and with this IP (if you domain is

Is there a trial period? When do I need to pay?

IP addresses are a scarce resource so unfortunately there is no trial period. Payment is required before IP-address can be provisioned. Also it is required that a certificate must be uploaded in two weeks time.

But don't worry, we have 30-days money-back guarantee, so if you don't like our service for any reason write to and request a refund. This guarantee is not related to your certificate, though. Please check refund policy of the company you are buying certificate from.

I've got a of lot files with my certificate. Can you help me with the upload?

Please forward all files you've got (including private key, that was generated with CSR) to and it will be uploaded to your domain.

Do you limit amount of traffic?

Yes, there is a particular monthly amount of traffic for every domain. Please refer to the sign up page for exact amounts.

What happens when domain has used up all amount of traffic that is included?

Traffic is soft-limited. You will be contacted with request for upgrade.

We promise not to show anything related to our company to your visitors. Even if your website used up all the traffic and we unable to contact you.

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