Naked Domain Redirect FAQ

What is naked domain redirect? provides free service – naked domain redirect. That helps with "naked domain problem".

What is a "naked domain" problem? Do I have it?

Naked domain problem means that your website doesn't work without www in front. So if you have website it can be opened only by entering full name. When someone enters only (notice no www in front) the error is shown.

Yes, I can see error on my website. Why is that?

In short: it happens because of the way DNS works and because your hosting provider or publishing platform does not support www-less websites.

Long explanation: your hosting provider has a lot of servers and all of them can show your website. But there is no way to know which particular server will process requests to your website. So your provider providing you with a CNAME record for your website. And you (or provider on your behalf) put that record into name. But there is a catch: it is not possible to put CNAME-record into www-less or "naked" name. Only particular server's IP-address must go there. gives you that address.

How can solve this problem?

We can redirect (for free!) all visitors from to

How this redirect works?

Every visitor to your "naked domain" ( will be redirected to It is done with HTTP 301-redirect, and all parameters and full path is preserved.

How can I use this service?

Point your "naked domain" ( not!) to IP address

Previous answer is too short. Is there a typo?

No typo. All you need to do to redirect visitors from to is: point your naked domain A-record to the IP address And it will start to work as soon as your DNS updates.

Even no sign up necessary.

But the home page tells about SSL for the cloud. Is free domain redirect here to stay?

Free naked domain redirect will continue to work, there are no plans to stop providing it.

If I still have questions?

Follow links on our How To Use page. These are real-world examples of usage.

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